Twelve Days of Deryni
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12 Days of Deryni


By: Melissa Houle

Originally Posted: 23 Dec 1998


Well all my presents are bought, but none are wrapped, and tomorrow promises to be a day of intense though cheerful labor. It could be worse, I might have to try to wrap any of the following: ;o)

To The Tune of: The Twelve Days of Christmas


On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, 

My Deryni gave to me,


Twelve Healers Healing,

Eleven Bishops praying,

Ten Bordermen dancing,

Nine Neophytes kneeling,

Eight ward cubes glowing,

Seven Saints a-Sancting,

Six Protocols Orini,

Five Furstan Kings,

Four Arcangels,

Three Michaelines,

Two Princesses,

And a Shiral for Meditating!*


*Alternate first day gift with a salute in Rob Reginald's direction,

And the Codex Derynianus!

(It is after all, a magnificent gift that keeps on giving. ;)


**Second first day alternative courtesy of Carolyn Shilts:

"And a Peep in a Portal with thee!"



As you can see, Susan, I went with the five Furstan Kings as it fit the tune, and no matter how I twisted the words, I couldn't quite make the protocol scrolls fit. But I DID use your suggestion for the four Arcangels.


Thanks to all who contributed ideas, and I wish you ALL a joyful Holiday whether you celebrate Christmas or any of the seasonal alternatives. Merry Merry Days, Melissa


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