02 - Into The Woods - It Takes Two
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It Takes Two



By: Martine A. Lynch


Also located at Brenwell Manor



You've changed, you're darling.
You're different now, I see.
More sure, more sharing,
You're falling in love with me.
If you could see
You're not the king who started,
You're much more open hearted
Than I thought you would be.

It takes two.
I thought one was enough,
It's not true.
It takes two of us.
You came through;
My proposal was rough,
I hurt you,
But it takes two of us.
It takes care,
It takes patience and fear
And despair to change.
And I swear I've changed.
Yes, Rothana is through.
I love you!

You've changed, you're thriving.
I'm falling in love with you.
No more sad sighing,
I'm blossoming here with you.
At home, I feared
You'd always love Rothana,
And now, what cheer!
You're passionate, loving,
Considerate, charming!

It takes one
To begin, but then once you've begun,
It takes two of you!
It's no fun
To be king all alone
Now you're near,
And there's two crowns to share.
If I dare,
It's because I'm becoming aware of us
As a pair of us
Each accepting a share
Of what's there

We've changed. We're lovers.
We're getting no sleep at night.
Who minds the dangers?
I know we'll meet up tonight.
Now, don't look back.
Let's make these changes last
Beyond wars,
Beyond Loris and Teymuraz, more!
Just the two of us.
And our sons,
Safe at home with a dozen and one
And some daughters, too.
It takes lust!
It takes just a bit more and we're done.
We want some! We have none!
Now, let's see,
To make one,
It takes two!

Original lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Filked lyrics by Martine A. Lynch



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