09 - Camelotis - Deyni, Deryni
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Deryni, Deryni

To the Tune of Guenevere, Guenevere
By: Shiral
Posted: February 29, 2000


Ah well, if filking is a madness, it's a divine madness. <G> Not to be outdone, I see your latest creation, and to "The Final Seat at Council" I raise you a "Deryni, Deryni." Although I fear it's NOT a song in quite the same light-hearted vein.


   Sung by the Camberian Council, Gabrilites, Michaelines and Dom Queron

All sing:
Deryni, Deryni,
In dark times we did see,
Our folk pay penalty
For an unjust Dynasty

In the fall of the year,
With his guards gathered near,
In the clamor of the street,
Brave Jaffray died at their feet.

Who would now Primate be?
Hubert thought, Ďmust be meí,
But the Synod did bravely
Choose Cullen a Michaeline.

Camberian Council Sings:
The Regentís fury broke,
Canít be borne, Murdoch spoke,
Gabrilites and Michaelines,
Their blood first the earth to soak.

Gabrilites Sing:
Christmas Eve, dark and drear
At the end of the year
Abbot Emrys knew to fear,
Rhun the Ruthless still was near.

Michaelines Sing:
St Neotís, it was burned,
Alister Cullen spurned,
His election overturned,
Hubertís Primate though unearned!

Camber Sings:
Rhys Thuryn, much loved son,
By a fall he was stunned,

Evaine Sings:
In that moment I did feel
His death of wounds he could not Heal!

Dom Queron Sings:
Suddenly the Dolban Servants heard pounding at our door,
And suddenly through our gates an army began to pour,
And then I watched my people chained to stakes from afar,
That sight, their fate will burn my heart ever more!

All Sing:
In that time of our dread,
By the score fell our dead ,
By the fire, rope or spear,
Killed while spilling hopeless tears.

Gabrilites and Michalines sing:
In that time of our doom,
Fair Gwynedd was our tomb,
In the burning Abbeyís gleam,
Came the sundown of a dream.

All sing:
Deryni, Deryni,
In dark times we did see
Our folk pay penalty
For the Festilís Dynasty.

Deryni, Deryni,
Saw ideals we held most dear,
Crushed by blind hatred and fear!
Deryni, Deryni, Deryni!


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