05 - Camelotis - C'est Moi! C'est Moi!
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C'est Moi! C'est Moi!

(Still Filking Towards Rhemuth)



By: Hygiliac

Posted: 18 February 2000


It's official. I have caught Filker's Fever and I just cant quit! *G* This one just sort of popped out at me when Melissa suggested we needed one for "C'est Moi!" since we se we were both hooked on Camelot  To the tune of "C'est Moi! C'est Moi!"



Warin: (sings)

Deryni!   Deryni!

In far Corwyn I felt your threat.

Deryni!  Deryni!

And here am I to your regret.

I know in my soul what God expects of me,

And all that and more I shall be!


A man whom Deryni fear must be invincible;

Succeed where a less fanatic man would fail;

Climb a mountain no one can climb;

Raise an army in record time;

Send a sailor to kill a duke when he's to sail.

No matter the pain he ought to be unwinceable;

Impossible deeds should be his daily fare.

But where in the world

Is there in the world

A man so extraordinaire?


C'est moi! Cest moi!

I'm forced to admit!

'Tis I, I humbly reply.

That marvel who

these wonders can do,

C'est moi, c'est moi, 'tis I.

I'll never lose

A castle or tower;

I'm simply the best at hand.

I must confuse

Deryni and scour

Their race from Gwynedd's land!

C'est moi! C'est moi!

So admir'bly fit;

A man in holy cause lock'd.

And here I stand with ego untold,

Exception'lly sure, amazingly bold,

To lead the Archbishop's flock.


The soul of a zealot is a thing remarkable:

My heart and my mind as pure as morning dew.

With a will and a self-restraint

That's the envy of every saint,

I can easily work a miracle or two.

To mercy and grace I needs must be unsparkable.

The Deryni dogs should never have a pray'r.

But where in the world

Is there in the world

A man so untouched by care?


[speaks humbly] C'est moi!


[then sings]

C'est moi! C'est moi!

I blush to disclose,

I'm far too holy to lie;

That man in whom

These qualities bloom

C'est moi, c'est moi, 'tis I!


I'd never lie;

'Tis what I've believ'd.

I'm bless'd with an iron will.

When I am by

The bishops receiv'd,

We'll all Deryni kill!

C'est moi! C'est moi.

The angels have chose

To fight their battles below.

And here I stand as pure as a pray'r

Incredibly clean, with virtue to spare,

The godliest man I know. . . !


C'est moi!.


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