04 - Camelotis - Fie on Festils
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Fie on Festils



By: Shiral

Posted: 18 February 2000


Well folks, here it is, the Deryni Universe version of "Fie on Goodness" from Lerner and Loewe's _Camelot_. Although they might no longer want to lay too much claim to it. <G> I made a few wee changes to accurately reflect the point of view of the Regents and Custodes. I must have played this song about five times straight through to get all the words, and to remember the rhyme and meter, and have now practically memorized it. (And so have my neighbors.) Enjoy!



(Regents, Paulin, Albertus, and a chorus of Custodes Monks)


All sing:

Fie on Festils, fie!

Fie on Festils, fie!


Regents sing:

Eighty years conquered by a neighbor,

Who made sure that his own were treated well,

Eighty years of confiscated titles,


Death, it was hell!

It was depressing all the way,

(Shook us down, shook us down,)

They were more corrupt every day,

(Curse their crown, curse their crown!)


Rhun sings:

I want to burn their Abbeys down or slay a hundred men,

All’s fair to get back at them!


All sing:

Fie on Festils , Fie,

Fie, on Festils fie,

Fie fie fie fie fie!


Regents sing:

When we think of the sick’ning injustice ‘gainst 

humans that Imre wrought,

(Inner rot Imre brought,)

Or the humans he hanged on the gibbet 

for Festil and left to rot,

(Their cruel lot, makes us hot!)

We can still hear his sister say,

From Imre’s bed where she lay,

“Tell me, dear brother, say

How Ariella may

Keep all those brides away?”


All sing:

Oh Fie on Festils, fie,

Fie on Festils, fie!


Hubert, Paulin & Albertus sing:

Lechery and vice will be arrested,


Custodes: (Arrested!)


Hubert Paulin & Albertus:

No Deryni shall ever serve at Mass!

Humans will now be unmolested,


Custodes: (unmolested!)


Hubert, Paulin & Albertus sing:

By heretical ideas

Of Camber’s moralities!


All sing:

Oh Fie on Camber, fie,

Fie, fie, fie, fie, fie!


Ewan, Hrorik and Sighere sing:

There were still Festils in Kheldour,

The King cleaned old Termod’s clock,

And his kin were taken hostage,

Kennet and Sudrey were up-locked,



But I married bonny Sudrey,



And Kennet made a braw knight,



Oh, he lost his life in Rhemuth,

At treacherous Murdoch’s--


Murdoch: (glaring at them,) sings

Fie on Kheldour, fie!

Fie on Kheldour, fie,


All sing:

No one worships Deryni saints now,

Every soul is immaculate and trim,


Custodes sing:



Paulin, Albertus & Hubert sing:

We run a tighter ship of faith, now,


Custodes sing: (with satisfaction.)

Nonny no nym,

Death but we’re grim!


Regents: sing:

Oh Fie on Festils, fie,

Fie on Festils, fie!


Hubert Paulin & Albertus sing:

Human follies we deplore,


Custodes sing:

On your knees, if you please!


Hubert,  Paulin & Albertus sing:

Confession Sunday’s ne’er a bore!


Custodes sing:

Scourge us more, scourge us more!


Rhun and Regents sing:

We have destroyed seats of learning 

and slaughtered hundreds for

The dearth of magic evermore!


All sing:

Oh, Fie on Festils fie,

Fie on Camber fie

Fie on Magic,

Fie on Mercy,

Fie on Justice

Fie, fie, fie, fie FIE!


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