03 - Camelotis - I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight?
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I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight?



By: Shiral

Posted 16 February 2000


A-HA! I had to dig quite a ways back in the annals of all my old alt.books.deryni posts, but I found my old filk for "I wonder what the King is Doing Tonight"-- The Kelson version. And as KKB's release grows ever more imminent it's even more timely now than when I stole it/wrote it back in June 1998 before going to Westercon and meeting Katherine for the first time in person. Enjoy!



Kelson.(Speaking on pitch)

I know what my people are thinking tonight,

As home through the shadows they wander.

Everyone smiling in secret delight,

They stare at the castle and ponder



If I were to probe them today,

I could almost hear all of them say:

I wonder what the King is doing tonight?

What merriment is the King pursuing tonight?

The candles at the Court,

They never burned as bright.

I wonder what the King is doing tonight?

How goes the final hour

As he sees the bridal bower

Being regally and legally prepared?

Well! I'll tell you what the King is feeling tonight!

He's scared!

He's scared!


Alaric (Sings)

You mean that the King who duelled Charissa,

Turned her with magic into a mist-a,

Goes to be wed in terror and distress?


Kelson: Yes!


Dhugal: (Sings)

The Deryni who with a heart-squeeze 

ended the King of Torenth's tyrannies,

Faces a woman petrified with fright?


Kelson: Right!


Duncan: (Sings)

You mean that appalling clamoring

That sounds like a blacksmith hammering

Is merely the banging of his royal knees?


Kelson: Please!



You wonder what the King is doing tonight?

He's wishing he were in Meara hawking tonight!

What occupies his time while waiting for his Bride?

He's searching high and low for someplace to hide.

And oh! the expectation, the Sublime anticipation

He must feel about the Wedding night to come!

Well! I'll Tell you what the King is feeling tonight!

He's numb! He shakes! He quails! He quakes!

And that's what the King is doing tonight!


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