02 - Camelotis - Valoret
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By: Shiral


Posted: 13 February 2000



Funny you should mention that filk, Carolyn...*G* I dug it out of obscurity, and here it is again. I confess to being somewhat proud of it. Valoret, sung to the tune of "Camelot" (and further apologies to messrs Lerner and Loewe for the shameless bastardization of their work :o)


Loris (sings):

It's true! It's true! The Church has made it clear,

The Der'ni must be pursued through the years.

Statutes were made two centuries past at Ramos,

For controlling Deryni, the race infamous.

And made Camber no saint but a heretic, in Valoret.

The Merasha will make them dread our prickers,

including those few we recruit as sniffers.

The Deryni may no longer join the Priesthood,

in Valoret.


Chorus of Monks: Valoret! Valoret!


Loris: Some people think we're too severe, But in Valoret...


Monks: Valoret!



The Church needs must be feared!

No Deryni may hold a noble title,

Or keep his lands when human peers have none,

Indeed by God's good grace,

There's no less congenial place

For Deryni priests and monks or nuns

Than here in Valoret!


Gorony (Speaks):

I almost wish more Deryni would try to get ordained, Your Excellency. It's so much fun when we catch a live one!



Oh yes, Gorony! And the chance to make an example of them by burning them!


(Sings) Valoret!


Monks: Valoret!


Loris: The King protests our ancient laws, but in Valoret


Monks: Valoret!



We let no statute be unclawed! 

No Deryni may teach another about magic,

Or else they court a death they view as tragic.

Indeed by God's good grace,

There's no less congenial place,

For Deryni, that hell-spawned race,


Loris and Monks: Than here in Valoret!



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