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October 9th 2005 


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These transcripts have been edited slightly.  Arrivals, Departures and Greetings of participants have been removed for easier reading.  Other information such as personal e-mails intended for private use have also been removed. 


Today's Chatter's

Barticus The_Bee Bynw
TheCatWhisperer Debbie-VB Ghostgames
KK RainbowDragon Tika

* KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations

* Everyone greets Katherine

~Barticus~ thats what she died of?

~KK~ Hello, folks.

~Wrengl~ long time no see

~Barticus~ I meant to say he died of

~Wrengl~ now you can ask her bart

~RainbowDragon~ long, long time no see!

* Bynw huggles the stuffing out of {{{{{ KK }}}}}

~Wrengl~ lol

~KK~ We were on the road, or I was writing, or Scott was online on Sunday night--all of the above for the past few weeks.

~Bynw~ Barticus found an error in Codex2

~KK~ Could well be. I haven't gotten a copy yet. It's supposed to be on the way.

~Bynw~ Tell that silly March 9th birtday guy that he's supposed to come HERE when he is online

~KK~ He's been looking for houses.

~KK~ What's the error, Barticus?

~the_Bee~ ?? don't tell us you're moving!

* Tika joins and is greeted by everyone

~KK~ Eventually.

~Tika~ hi all!

~Tika~ Has Bynw been bragging about his new Codex? :)

~Debbie-VB~ only a little

~Barticus~ the Error is Marie De corwyn died on Sept 2 n1088, & Nov 9 1089

~KK~ No, Barticus has begun to point out an error.

~KK~ Oops. It was September 2, was it not?

~Barticus~ according to the the timeline

~Tika~ heya Bart! LTNS :)

~KK~ And it's wrong in the bio entry?

~the_Bee~ Sept 2 poison, Nov 9 pox

~Tika~ One thing I've noticed is that all these Gwyneddians are mighty "busy" making babies hehehe

~Barticus~ I have been sort busy lately, plus not being able to get into chat

~Bynw~ kk, quick question for you ... are Kilarden? Kierney? Transha? part of the See of Meara or Ballymore??

~Barticus~ just one second looking

* RainbowDragon hugs his brand new copy of Codex 2

~KK~ All are in Ballymar.

* Debbie-VB sends a mental message to amazon. send it now!!!!

~Barticus~ her entry is correct

~KK~ I'm glad that Codex 2 is meeting an enthusiastic reception, even if an error or two has crept in.

~Barticus~ 2 sep 1088

~KK~ Where's the Nov 2 pox entry, then?

* Ghostgames joins and is greeted by everyone

~the_Bee~ poisoned by a jealous rival :(

~Barticus~ in the time line

~KK~ Tsk. We'll have to fix that. Someone keep a list of errata, please.

~Tika~ it is good to see you here KK

~KK~ It's good to be back.

~Debbie-VB~ I agree katherine. You have been missed

~KK~ Can't guarantee the next few weeks. I'm thundering toward the end of Childe.

~RainbowDragon~ what page, Bart?

~Tika~ and toward Darkover! I can't believe it's next month

~RainbowDragon~ thunder away, Katherine :-)

~Barticus~ the error or her entry

~KK~ The error.

* Debbie-VB starts saving up her pennies to get Childe when it is released

~Ghostgames~ Tell me about it. (Darkover next month!) I need to book my flights, etc.!

~KK~ We do too.

~Barticus~ marie's entry is on page

~Wrengl~ we have missed you greatly, katherine

~RainbowDragon~ the error, Bart

~Barticus~ 172

~RainbowDragon~ okay

~Barticus~ hold on -- pg 317

~Wrengl~ you better make them soon ann

~Barticus~ same page as the correct one

~KK~ OK, noted.

~Wrengl~ i understand fares are on the way up up an away

~Debbie-VB~ and like taxes, what goes up, stays up

~KK~ There will always be an error or two; comes with the territory, no matter how many eyes and brains are involved. (Ann, n.b.)

~Wrengl~ that is true, even when you are keeping track of a vocabulary or facts as you write

~Barticus~ just curious does anyone know where Jerry , that post to group is from, from what I read he was from the gulf coast region

~the_Bee~ Remind me: what year was Alaric Morgan born?

~Wrengl~ oh, i don't know bart. i rarely followed his posts

~KK~ 1091

~the_Bee~ thanks KK

~RainbowDragon~ KK, so then Childe is darn near completion then?

~Ghostgames~ innotesco

~KK~ It's getting there.

~RainbowDragon~ good good!

~Barticus~ awesome

~the_Bee~ Have you even thought about a title for vol 3 yet?

~Barticus~ can't wait for deryni checkmate to come out

~KK~ I"ve had to pause to weave in one of the secondary storylines re what the Camberian Council is doing behind the scenes.

~KK~ I've thought, but haven't decided yet.

~Barticus~ it was one of my favourites

~the_Bee~ meddling, probably :)

~KK~ It's even better now, I think.

~Wrengl~ lol bee

~Barticus~ oh intrigue

~KK~ Meddling for the good. Were it not for their "interference," Brion might not have been crownded.

~Wrengl~ just what susan needs she lives for intrigue

~Bynw~ lol

~Wrengl~ and if she can't find it she will create it herself!

~Bynw~ thats an understatement

~KK~ She'll get her intrigue. How's she doing?

~Wrengl~ lol bynw seems to be okay last i heard

~Debbie-VB~ Susan is probably hoping that Stefan corum has shown up in Childe

~Wrengl~ she does not post on the newsgroup as often as she used to

~Bynw~ very true there debbie

~the_Bee~ other things on her mind :)

~KK~ Not quite, I don't think...but I haven't reached the end yet.

~Wrengl~ indeed debbie

~KK~ Yep, Bee. I hope her heart is mending.

~the_Bee~ KK~ whose question were you answering just now?

~Wrengl~ true katherine

~KK~ Yours; heart reference is figurative.

~Wrengl~ at least she found out before the wedding, katherine

~KK~ Yep. Even if the heart was broken, nothing wrong with her brain! ;-)

~the_Bee~ I meant "Not quite, I don't think..." What happened to Susan?

~KK~ She had to break off her engagement; guy turned out to be a louse.

~the_Bee~ engagement go wrong? :(

~KK~ had to

* Debbie-VB thinks that she's been out of things a bit to much. she never heard anything about susan

~the_Bee~ bummer!

~Barticus~ :(

~Bynw~ when Teek and I met him in Chicago one time, i wasn't that impressed with him

~the_Bee~ at least she found out before the wedding

~KK~ Yep, but as Wrengl said, Better before the wedding.... Love can indeed, be blind. But she'll find the right guy. He's out there!

~Ghostgames~ They can be hard to find. I was really lucky to find mine when I was only 19!

~KK~ And given Susan's tenacity, she'll definitely find him!

~Debbie-VB~ I've yet to find the right partner

~KK~ It took me until 38.

* Bynw looks over at Tika and smiles :o)

~the_Bee~ My aunt meant her hubby when she was 3 and he was 6. They've been married 65 years

~Tika~ oooo a cute button nose!

~KK~ That's a pretty good recommendation!

~the_Bee~ He was more interested in her big sister (my mom) who had a cast on her arm :o)

~Tika~ lol

~KK~ Well, I gotta run. It's a couple of minutes past pumpkin time, and I have to write in the AM.

~Tika~ that's awesome they knew each other since childhood -- have a good week KK :)

* everyone bids Katherine farewell and to have a good week

~Debbie-VB~ well casts can be pretty sexy...

~the_Bee~ their fathers were best friends and college roommates

~Bynw~ cya KK ... good to have ya in the chat again!

~Barticus~ good to see you again KK

~KK~ Thanks, all! I'll try to pop in next week, even if only briefly.

~Barticus~ have fun writing

~the_Bee~ glad you made it KK. Don't be a stranger

~TheCatWhisperer~ I'm going to dinner now

~Debbie-VB~ Sleep sweet Katherine, and have a terrific week

~babayaga~ happy writing, KK

* KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.




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