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27 February 2005 


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These transcripts have been edited slightly.  Arrivals, Departures and Greetings of participants have been removed for easier reading.  Other information such as personal e-mails intended for private use have also been removed. 

Today's Chatters
the_Bee KK RainbowDragon
Bynw Kiri` Samuel
Duzi Martine Sedina
Harvey Mistyck

~ KK joins and is welcomed by everyone

~KK~ Hi, guys.

~Bynw~ us diehards wait the longest :-)

~Mistyck~ how are you doing tonight?

~RainbowDragon~ "Good things come to those who wait"

~Mistyck~ yep!

~KK~ Doing fine, though I can't stay long. Scott was online before, which is why I'm late.

~Mistyck~ ahh...you need to tell Scott to drop by here sometimes...

~Bynw~ he is supposed to come here

~KK~ Sedina, how're you doing?

~Mistyck~ so Bynw and I can bug him :)

~Bynw~ yeah

~Sedina~ I'm doing well. Getting ready for my trip back to Mayo. Hard to believe it's already time for my 60 day checkup

~RainbowDragon~ How was your week, KK?

~KK~ We've spent the last two days sorting through boxes of "stuff" that just came out of storage. Yuck! And a lot of it went up to the attic.

~KK~ Back to Mayo already, eh? It really does't seem like 60 days.

~Sedina~ I should find out during this trip if I'm going to need to have surgery on my throat

~the_Bee~ oh?

~Sedina~ I have a paralyzed vocal chord

~RainbowDragon~ Does it affect your speech?

~the_Bee~ :(

~Mistyck~ ick, Kim

~Sedina~ yeah, I've had a hoarse voice since June

~RainbowDragon~ ohhh

~Sedina~ the tumor in my chest pinched off one of the nerves that controls the left vocal chord actually, it controls the whole left side of my throat.

~Mistyck~ yuck!

~RainbowDragon~ I'll bet that makes swallowing difficult

~KK~ Yuck, indeed!

~Sedina~ swallowing isn't a problem, but whenever I have a sore throat it's only the right side that I can feel

~KK~ Wellllll, that *is* only half the pain....

~Sedina~ I'm not complaining. Its just the vocal bit that's annoying

~Mistyck~ I can imagine! :(

~Harvey~ Just talk half as loud and you ought to be OK, right?

~Sedina~ Martine could testify to how hard it can be to understand me on the phone

~the_Bee~ or twice as loud? ... to compensate

~Sedina~ i can't talk loud, it's physically impossible

~Bynw~ phone Bah! use IRC :-)

~Mistyck~ hehe. Any progress on CM, Katherine?

~KK~ Surely you jest....

~Bynw~ lol

~Sedina~ lol

~Mistyck~ lol

~KK~ Actually, I've been reviewing my notes a bit, in preparation for getting back into it.

~Bynw~ i think that's a "no" Mistyck

~Mistyck~ had to ask though ;-) hey, that's work too ;) How are the kitties and doggie doing?

~KK~ We did take time out last night to go to a belated Robbie Burns night, though, and feasted on haggis.

~ Martine joins and is welcomed by everyone

~Martine~ Hi all again!

~Mistyck~ hiyas Martine! lookie who's here!

~Martine~ I see :-) Just finished dinner and got laundry going :-)

~KK~ Kitties are fine, all 5 3/4 of them. (The 3/4 is Sasha, who's now spending considerable time with us--but only in the kitchen.

~RainbowDragon~ Bynw, have you seen the newsgroup post about the Deryni MUSH game that fellow is trying to start?

~Martine~ And fed John some aspirin ;-)

~Bynw~ nope i havent

~Mistyck~ ahh...skittish of the others?

~Bynw~ havent looked at the newsgroup much either

~Martine~ Hi katherine!

~RainbowDragon~ she knows where the food is!

~Martine~ I got your USB key today. I'll see what CompUSA says about it on Tuesday.

~the_Bee~ sasha: he or she?

~KK~ Skittish of the dogs. The other cats aren't too happy about him either, though he's content to stay in his basket. (he) Excellent, Martine.

~Martine~ Poor Sasha. At least he's got a warm home and free food!

~Mistyck~ nickname for Alexander :)

~the_Bee~ Russian cat?

~KK~ He's a sweetie; really affectionate and cuddly. Loves to be held. Has a giant-sized purr.

~Martine~ awww!! What's his coloring?

~KK~ White with grey tiger splotches and an elegant face.

~Mistyck~ awww!

~Sedina~ he sound sweet

~KK~ Bedroom eyes lined with dark kohl lines.

~Martine~ kllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll........................................................................

~RainbowDragon~ there's martine's kitty

~Mistyck~ hiyas Rowena

~Martine~ Sorry. I seem to have a velcro kitty after being away two days :-P

~KK~ Was that Rowena?

~Martine~ yup

~the_Bee~ like Sadie and Sedina

~Martine~ She's trying to make up for two days worth of lost cuddles ~g~

~Mistyck~ hehe

~KK~ Can you blame her?

~Martine~ And I apparently wasn't paying enough attention. Not at all ;-)

~Sedina~ Oh, Sadie's stopped being stuck to me. Thogh she did weigh me down on the couch yesterday while I took a nap

~Mistyck~ Evaine has found a new game...

~Martine~ Rowena was locked in teh attic ALL BY HERSELF. It was tragic in her kitty mind.

~KK~ Poor baby!

~Mistyck~ she goes and chases Mika and then when she's got her pinned down, she licks her...poor Mika starts swatting at her because she gets confused!

~Martine~ She couldn't even distract herself by torturing the rival cat.

~Mistyck~ lol

~KK~ I expect Arwen also missed you.

~ Bynw needs to reboot bbiab

~Martine~ Yup! She's actually been solicitous of petting this evening.

~ Bynw Quit ( Quit: There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no death; there is the Force. )

~Martine~ And complained when I did laundry instead of scritching her! *laugh*

~Mistyck~ lol!

~RainbowDragon~ Bynw has a rather neat Quit line there

~Mistyck~ KK, when is Checkmate supposed to be out?

~the_Bee~ of course! "how can you think of clean clothes when I'm here?"

~Martine~ Getting Arwen up to free-feeding again before we left was hysterical. She'd nibble, then stare at the bowl. She looked like she was confused because there was food left. Then she'd nibble some more. And stare some more. "why is there still food here?"

~Mistyck~ lol!

~the_Bee~ Arwen wanted to pay or to *be* paid?

~Martine~ Then she ultimately stalked off in disgust. Her bowl was NOT behaving properly by cleaning out. Arwen's a princess, Bee. She always expects to BE paid ;-)

~ Kiri` joins and is welcomed by everyone

~Kiri`~ hi! hi martine ! o Kk today?

~RainbowDragon~ She's right here

~Martine~ xcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

~Mistyck~ she's right there

~the_Bee~ look at the top!

~Samuel~ Kiri: look at the list again!

~Martine~ Dar. Silly cat.

~Mistyck~ hehe

~Kiri`~ oopops *blush* hi kk! *waves to Katherine*

~ the_Bee sets out chocolate chunk cookies and gingersnaps

~ Martine adds the homemade fudge she picked up in the Adirondacks

~Mistyck~ Katherine...I had set out Lamb Samosas, Lamb Vindaloo and Mexican Venison Stew for ya :)

~RainbowDragon~ Kiri, how come airsid no longer works? only the main page is accesible now...

~KK~ Checkmate will be rereleased in the autumn; exact date uncertain.

~Kiri`~ what?!

~ Samuel adds the honied sausage he made last night.

~Mistyck~ cool! thanks!

~Kiri`~ it should work..

~RainbowDragon~ Great news, KK

~Kiri`~ everything is there *stumped*

~the_Bee~ I think there's a message re airsid in alt.books.deryni

~RainbowDragon~ clicking on the little fellow does nothing now

~Kiri`~ i'm restricted using the computer and I changed hosts. but Airsid should be working.

~the_Bee~ or is that another website?

~Kiri`~ no.. um. I'll see what I can do.

~RainbowDragon~ bardsquill went down, Bee

~Kiri`~ it's supposed to be fixed we had slight bobble at first.

~Martine~ Kiri, the "guide" link on the front page seems to be missing.

~the_Bee~ oh yes :(

~Kiri`~ nuts.. *irritated* Try [Airsid webaddress listed]

~ Bynw returns and is welcomed back

~Kiri`~ that will get you in, it is all there I promise

~Bynw~ hi Kiri`

~Kiri`~ hi bynw. At this point i'm ready to drop this new host and go back!

~Mistyck~ :(

~the_Bee~ dropping your a's

~RainbowDragon~ welcome back, Bynw

~Martine~ rehi, Bynw

~Kiri`~ yes.. my laptop isn't happy today

~ Samuel~ later all - (Quit: He who speaks the Word of Power to unloose the wind must be willing to ride the ensuing whirlwind)

~RainbowDragon~ Bynw, you have a neat Quit line now

~ duzi joins and is welcomes by everyone

~DeryniBot~ Welcome duzi to your appointment on the Camberian Council

~KK~ I just looked at the clock gang; gotta go to bed. See you next week.

~Everyone bids Katherine farewell and a good week

~the_Bee~ covered with kitties?

~Sedina~ thanks for stopping by even though it was so late

~ Kiri` hugs katherine

~duzi~ Hiya Katherine.

~ KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles. [Quit]




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