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October - December 2003 


Warning:  All ideas and concepts of Katherine Kurtz and her writings are to be considered copyrighted by her, and under such laws and international provisions as such domain entails.  Any reproduction of these chats or theft of the intellectual property of the participants could result in legal action.


No Chats -- October 5th, 19th, & 26th  2003

12 October 2003

  • 17 Participants, ?? Minutes

No Chats -- November 2nd, 16th, 30th  2003

09 November 2003

  • 45 minutes, 16 Participants

  • Katherine's birthday gift from Scott was an evening of Gilbert & Sullivan at the National Concert Hall

  • Holybrooke construction has also been going great guns. We now have roof rafters!!! they are now putting the roof back on the west wing, which had a fire a little over 30 years ago.

  • Berni is back and house hunting in Dayton! She's got a new job and a promotion! Congrats Chief Berni!!!!!

  • Atar is finally retired (returned safely from Iraq) and he's a colonel!!! :)

  • Katherine is glad everyone is enjoying In The Service of the King

  • Katherine has finally started Childe Morgan.

  • Katherine said that Jiri and Se Trelawney will be back.. "you can count on it."

  • Se is pronounced Shea, or Shay.

  • Lewys vanished on Bee's birthday

  • It is doubtful Katherine will ever be more specific about what happened to Lewys ap Norfal

  • Katherine is having great fun sorting out the Camberian Council in its earlier incarnation.

  • There are reasons Lewys was kicked off the Camberian Council. She says he was a kind of "loose cannon"

  • Lewys is a progenitor of Jehana

  • Stevana's grandmother was Grania d'Oriel (yes same Oriel's)

  • Ships in use during Kelson's time - jibs have just come into use. Galleys are still common. See KKB for details.

  • Katherine's favorite parts of In the Service of the King are:

    • the bit in the scriptorium where Zoe and Alyce discuss what their various animals are going to do....

    • when the king has Alyce help him interrogate the suspects in Krispin's murder.

    • The enrollment of Alyce and Marie at Arc-en-Ciel.

    • and she had fun with the conversation between Alyce and Zoe on Alyce's wedding morning, too.

  • We will get to meet Kenneth's two younger daughters, his sisters, and his aunts in the next book.

  • Arc-en-Ciel does exist in Kelson's time, we've just not seen it.

  • Katherine thinks Zoe may end up at Cynfyn with Jiri.

23 November 2003

  • 39 mintues, 15 Participants
  • Holybrooke now has a roof on the wing, and they start slating tomorrow!
  • Katherine is looking forward to getting away from the Builders and to Darkover for a week or so.
  • Scott has been in California -- hopefully lining up a movie deal.
  • It's Martine's Anniversary.. Happy Anniversary Martine & John!
  • Everyone mentioned their plans for arrival at Darkover.
  • There will be no Grommett Challenge this year, Grommett will not be attending Darkover. However Thumper will be there as usual.
  • The Camberian Council's chamber is up near Kheldour
  • One of the original CC founders made the portal jump blind, apparently from information found in a scroll. (scary!)
  • Original Portal construction details were talked over
  • The Galley's for Deryni Rising - The Author's Cut should arrive tomorrow. Howver Katherine will be requestins an extension for review due to her Darkover trip next week. 
  • Ann will be getting to work on the Deryni Rising version of the map for Ace
  • Childe Update: Katherine spent several days sorting out the bishops who are active at this point in time. She now knows what the opening scene will be.

No Chats -- December 7th, 14th, & 28th  2003

21 December 2003

  • 11 minutes, 17 Participants



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