2003 1st Qtr Jan - Mar Summaries
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Sundays with Katherine

Yearly Highlight Summary - Part 1



January - March 2003 


Warning:  All ideas and concepts of Katherine Kurtz and her writings are to be considered copyrighted by her, and under such laws and international provisions as such domain entails.  Any reproduction of these chats or theft of the intellectual property of the participants could result in legal action.



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January 5th 12th 19th 26th
February 2nd 9th 16th 23rd
March 2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th
  • 27 Participants, 62 minutes 

  • Katherine is on "a roll" with her writing!!
  • New Year's Festivities
  • Cougars in Canada
  • Method's of Katherine offing characters
  • Jerusha - Evaine's sister was orignally written as alive. (Camber of Culdi)
  • Elves and their ownership
  • Olympia's 12th night celebrations, freind's trip to the ER, and the SCA dinner
  • Kygilac's new kitten Keira
  • Shiral's OCR troubles
  • Digital versions of Katherine's works
  • Ward Cubes, making and imbuing with power.
  • Childe Morgan will probably be released around Next Christmas. Katherine is due to turn it in at the end of this month, but it will probably be a "wee bit later". But things will wrap up quickly now that she has the rest of the action sorted.
  • Katherine, if she *had* to choose a favorite character of each gender would choose Evaine and Camber.
  • Katherine will probably expand upon the Bethane episode later.
  • Ariella, Charissa and Imre
  • Katherine will be attending GenCon
  • GenCon & Indian Food
  • In The King's Service update [spoiler warning!]:
    • Katherine had a major breakthrough this week. She dropped a character, and substituted two lesser chartacters . She now know how it all works out. The character wasn't killed, just not used.
    • Katherine eliminated Marie.
    • Cerys doesn't die from poisoned candy now.
    • Alyce will now have a human friend at Arc-en-Ciel called Cerys Morgan, who is the daughter of Sir Kenneth Morgan.
    • Kenneth is 40 and Alyce 20 when they marry. Kenneth has three older daughters who are all off on their own, married and some with children. Alyce and Kenneth's youngest (Cerys) are about the same age, and they become dear friends.
    • They [Alyce & Cerys] do think it's kind of weird when Donal gives Kenneth Alyce's hand in marriage. After all, ALyce will now be a stepmother to Cerys. but this means that when Alaric's mother dies, Kenneth can call on his daughters to help raise his children of his second marriage.
    • Cerys is prounounced /Ser-ess/
    • Krispin gets tossed head-first down a well by Father Septimus de Nore, younger brother of Bishop Oliver de Nore, who burns a lot of Deryni during his career. Donnal will hang Father Septimus
    • Katherine is saving the honeypot for a young Alaric

12 January 2003

  • A Channel record was achieved while awaiting Katherine's arrival.
  • Devin has gotten a new job, he's also going to be a Lector for his parish.
  • Katherine's writing went well, she mainly did rewriting after dropping Marie.
  • Kyri of the Flame has taken time off from the council due to motherhood.
  • Bynw has gotten hired permanently at his temp workplace
  • People's religious choices, Churches, and Rituals were talked about
  • Factoid: the Episcopal diocese of SD has the first Native American bishop.
  • Quarterly Kleenex -- they make them in all the appropriate colors now
  • Corwyn lost its sovereignty and became a subordinate duchy sh0rtly after the Festillic Invasion
  • KK doesn't think Charlan and Alaric are related. but will check.
  • KK spent some of her energy this week realizing how closely Sir Kenneth Morgan is related to the McLains.   
  • No Official Chat - Katherine will be in Brussels for the ordination of her friend and colleague Brendan.
  • No Chat - Chat Unable to occur due to the virus/worm attack that spread across the internet on Saturday.  Psionics.Net is down while we install the patches necessary to resume operation.  

February 2003

2 February 2003

  •   Participants,  minutes 

  • Summary to appear shortly. 

  • In The King's Service update:
    • Summary to appear shortly

9 February 2003

  •  Participants,  minutes 

  • Summary to appear shortly. 

  • In The King's Service update:
    • Summary to appear shortly

16 February 2003

  • 18 Participants, 9 minutes 

  • Katherine dropped in while a chapter printed out.   

  • In The King's Service update:
    • Katherine needs a bit more time to finish, but the Editor is receiving things! 


23 February 2003

  • 20 Participants, 31 minutes 

  • Jasta's new job starts tomorrow - Good Luck!

  • Andre Norton has recovered and is doing well

  • Katherine insists we'll all love the cover of ITKS.

  • In The King's Service update [spoiler warning!]:
    • Katherine has resurrected Marie
    • Zoe is still in the story
    • She's written the scenes where Marie dies, Ahern dies, Krispin dies and where Zoe marries Ahern on his deathbed
    • Characters die in various ways - Ahern dies of appendicitis
    • You thought Kelson's first marriage was short?  Just WAIT! =) 
    • Krispin's death scene worked out particularly well
    • Cover will be of Donal betrothing Alyce to Kenneth Morgan 
    • 15 Chapters have been sent to the Editor this past week 
    • Approximately 31 chapters altogether
  • March 2003

    2 March 2003

    • 23 Participants, 55 minutes

    • New induction of custom Chat Greetings 

    • In The King's Service update [spoiler warning!]:
      • Katherine is finishing the final chapter
      • Has done about 5 Chapters this past week, 3 over the weekend
      • And Ginjer [her editor] loves the 1st 15 chapters

    9 March 2003

    • ? Participants, 67  minutes 

    • In The King's Service update [spoiler warning!]:
      • K

    16 March 2003

    • ? Participants, ? minutes 

    • In The King's Service update [spoiler warning!]:
      • K

    23 March 2003

    • ? Participants, 33 minutes 

    • In The King's Service update [spoiler warning!]:
      • K

    30 March 2003

    • 21 Participants, 92 minutes 

    • summary coming soon

    • In The King's Service update [spoiler warning!]:
      • K



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