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October & December 2001 



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October 2001

7 October 2001

  • Story for CSUSB is about Donal's second expedition into Meara--just the tail end of it, from the Point of View (POV) of Francis Delaney, who gets captured and executed. Katherine will be telling the story again, in full, from the POV of Donal et al in the novel. (Childe Morgan)
  • Katherine will be attending Arisia in Boston as a Guest of Honor. (January 2002)
  • CSUSB will be November 20, 2001 in San Bernadino, CA
  • Katherine will be at Darkover during the Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Katherine announces she is getting a new laptop.

14 October 2001

  • Katherine loves her new Dell Laptop. 
  • Wards, Wardcubes and how they are used/cast is discussed
  • Katherine was on a panel at Octocon with Ann McCaffrey, Morgan Llewellyn, Maggie Furey, and others yesterday in Dublin. The topic was (of course) Dragons!
  • Katherine did work on the CSUSB story on Monday, however hasn't since as she's been transferring her data over to the new Dell, which arrived on Tuesday.
  • Kelson and Rothana, Kelson and Araxie, Kelson's marriage in general are discussed
  • Michaela's future and possible love interest was discussed, apparently Brother Theo doesn't know -everything-!
  • The Haldane succession, who's where and why in the list, was discussed.

21 October 2001

  • Katherine finished the first draft of the story for Rob/CSUSB: title is "Venture in Vain." Copies may still be available, please contact Rob Reginald for details.
  • Katherine will be meeting Andre Norton during her trip.

28 October 2001

  • Chatters discussed Istelyn's ring and the Bremagne royal family. Katherine can't tell us about Istleyn's ring yet.
  • Katherine finished the story for Rob & CSUSB.
  • Katherine clarified that Morian is the son of Lewys ap Norfal.
  • Katherine didn't have time to work on Childe Morgan this week.
  • The current selling price of codex's on ebay, and how collectible Katherine's work has become. =)
  • Dhugal is pronounced "Doo-gal"

December 2001

2 December 2001

  • 21 Participants
  • Everyone returned safely home from Darkover.
  • Katherine had a lovely time visiting with Andre Norton.
  • The Thanksgiving gathering at JastaElf's was a success
  • Bynw found an uncorrected proof of "The Bastard Prince" in a Fairfax Virginia used bookstore.
  • Katherine and her husband did see "Harry Potter" the Wednesday after Darkover.

9 December 2001

  • Katherine and her husband are getting over the concrud, she's improving but now sounds like the Duck.
  • Katherine's new laptop was hit by the goner virus on Wednesday, she did lose a few items from her computer as a result.
  • Katherine didn't get any real writing done this week either.
  • Editing of the Atlas is "on hold" they are waiting upon sketches.
  • Alaric has probably slated the Morgan lands for Briony's dowry
  • Katherine also indicated that Alaric would be VERY picky about who married Briony

16 December 2001

  • 24 Participants
  • Katherine has gotten her computer back, virus free, but hasn't had a chance to test out the CD burner yet.
  • Katherine did manage to get some writing done this week, but nothing finished.
  • Katherine told us that Healer's Green is "a good, intense leaf-green, not too dark".
  • Questions were asked about Warin deGray. Katherine declined to answer them.
  • Chatters asked who's candle remained lit when Alaric Morgan was excommunicated, Katherine said it was probably Arilan's.
  • "Saint Camber's Computer Talk with Katherine Kurtz" was held again today. ;)
  • Katherine was made "Zipper Mommy"
  • Archbishop Edmund Loris was found to be masquerading as Peer.
  • Katherine told us that she writes the stories, then finds the titles. She also stated that titles can be difficult for her.
  • Katherine received word that there will be a "director's cut" of Deryni Rising, Deryni Challenge, and High Deryni. They will be published between the volumes of the Childe Morgan Trilogy.
  • Evaine's last task was discussed in depth.

23 December 2001 - No Chat




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