September 2002 Monthly Summary
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September 2002 



Chats are held on Sunday afternoons (about 2:30pm Pacific time) on IRC,  channel #Deryni_Destinations.

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Special Note: A supplement to the Codex Derynianus is being created. 

Please contact Jessie if you are able to participate 

1 September 2002

  • 22 Participants
  • Martine is progressing on the Castle Project
  • The problems with spam (email)
  • Shiral is sending Katherine's pets mystery gifts.
  • Nicholas (Katherine's cat) is alive and well. He was found on Monday!
  • Lady Grey, Wrengl's cat is still missing however =(
  • Katherine is about to snuff Krispin and Marie, in In The King's Service.
  • The killing or cruelty of situations for a character was discussed.
  • Katherine got the Russian covers for QSC and TBP today "great covers!" She may have them put up on Deryni Destinations.
  • Nearly everyone gave their opinion of Earl Grey, and Lady Grey teas.
  • Today was the official firs meeting of Misspellers anonymous, Martine chaired.
  • Katherine's books have been translated into over 11 languages.
  • Katherine told us about her cruise itinerary

8 September 2002

  • 21 Participants

  • summary coming soon

15 September 2002

  • 21 Participants, 74 mintues
  • Katherine's cruise was cancelled
  • Katherine has guests from St. Petersburg. 
  • Torenthi blue is actually from Romania
  • Katherine explained what heralds did, and still do today
  • Kendi joined us for the first time!  Welcome Kendi!
  • Kendi asked "will anything ever be addressed regarding that period of time between Owain's regency and Brion's accension to the throne?"  Katherine answered "I don't know if I'll ever get around to the earlier linking period."
  • Katherine would like to cover 948
  • Religious titles in early Gwynedd
  • Kendi may commit fanfic
  • Shiral has passed toying and moved into wrestling with her fiction. 
  • Camber's spell to become Alister, and the aging dilemma's thereof. 
  • The question of Portal Sickness was raised. 
  • The concept of portals has it's inspiration in the Startrek transporters. 
  • Barticus wanted to know if Camber becoming Alister would ever become known to later characters in Gywnedd.  Katherine believes it will remain a secret. 
  • Helenmary has an "official" Katherine Kurtz room in her house now.  THey  have finished remodelling. 
  • The Histories of King Kelson are not targets for an author's cut. 
  • The sales of Deryni Tales are going well.  The publisher is pleased. *yea!*
  • The Codex and desire for, and functioning without, as well as security measures.
  • The release date for In The Kings Service (book one of Childe Morgan Series) has not yet been determined.  Publication is dependent upon Katherine's finishing the manuscript. 
  • Katherine will probably revise the Genetic Essay in the Deryni Chronicles. 
  • Katherine was preparing for the lecture cruise this week, and thus didn't write.  
  • Araxie may try to assume limited Haldane powers at some point, however Katherine pointed out that Haldane powers *are* Deryni. 
  • Haldane powers, inheritance, and genetics were speculated over. 
  • Katherine's cats have discovered the "kitty door"
  • Hygilac's dog recently went to the summerlands.  He will be missed.  She now has a new puppy, a mixed-breed. 
  • Katherine will be working on the funerals and other items this week while writing. 

22 September 2002

  • 18 Participants, 52 Minutes
  • Martine's Castle project for Katherine
  • Travel to Ireland and the UK
  • Katherine is planning to do more Adept books, however Ace isn't just yet.
  • Fans visiting Katherine at Holybrooke
  • Mistyck told us about her son and his skating!
  • Rising in the early hours of the morning was completely commented upon. ;)
  • Mistyck is enjoying Temple and the Crown
  • Laura has been seen, but didn't make it to today's chat, she's settling into her new home.
  • Katherine got one character buried; two to go. (Childe Morgan)
  • At the moment, Alyce is sailing into Coroth Bay, taking her sister's (Marie) body home.
  • Katherine let us know that she's been surprised by a character's death.
  • Barticus asked "Will Michon de Courcey bite the big one in this book?" Answer "No"
  • JastaElf has Thrandy's picture up on her author's page.
  • Weather, hurricanes, cats, and other pets were chatted about.
  • Apparently, Martine is married to a cat.. she's just found out please send kitty toys.
  • JastaElf's job woes were talked over, and woodgies sent by all.
  • What a definition of a woodgie is was added.
  • Deryni Archives - The Zine Issue 18 was exclaimed over. A decided must see!
  • Deryni in Beards, and the effects there of were talked over. Shiral's stove is bubbling.
  • Fans computer desktop images
  • Deryni-Name pronunciation
  • Katherine has enjoyed her houseguests, even if little writing was done this week.
  • Naming children names inspired by Deryni characters 

29 September 2002

  • 30 participants, 79 minutes
  • Ward cubes and making them of different substances (like marizipan)
  • Why Katherine & Scott's cruise was cancelled
  • Donal Haldane has six or so legitimate children. Not all survive childhood.
  • Katherine found writing the Camber Era books easier than the current ones. Mostly becuase there was a 150 year gap. This tirlogy she has to make sure continuity to both eras (Camber & Kelson) meshes.
  • Birthdays, family size and anniversaires were talked about
  • We were joined by someone new - DQG_Tensen. Welcome!
  • we had our first annoying spammer in chat.
  • We hope that Gamgee's freind gets better really soon.
  • How universal some words or expressions are across cultures and time.
  • Jhalavar will be offering massages at Darkover this year.
  • The possibility of anyone discovering the Scrolls of Orin in Kelson's time are not good according to Katherine.
  • Katherine won't know where they're hidden until she writes the Orin/Jodotha book
  • Neither Orin or Jodotha have decendants of their bodies.
  • The Camberian Council of Donal Haldanes time is much less scrupulous than the one in Kelson's time. They also don't know very much.

ITKS Update:

  • Marie is buried in Cathedral at Coroth.
  • She's now a the point where Xenia Haldane has been born.
  • She'll be working on Twelfth Night this week. (4 months after Marie's funeral)
  • Vera gets courted by Jared McLain.
  • Kenneth Morgan is smitten with Alyce
  • Jared is actively looking for a new wife, having been a widower now for a year or two



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