August 2003 Chat Summaries
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August 2003 


  Chats are held on Sunday afternoons (about 2:30pm Pacific time) on IRC,  channel #Deryni_Destinations.

WARNING:  All ideas and concepts of Katherine Kurtz and her writings are to be considered copyrighted by her, and under such laws and international provisions as such domain entails.  Any reproduction of these chats or theft of the intellectual property of the participants could result in legal action. 




3 August 2003 

  • 32 Minutes, 16 Participants

  • Summary on it's way

10 August 2003 

  • 19 Minutes, 11 Participants

  • We heard details of Ann & Martine's vacation in Ireland.  They've seen Katherine and Holybrooke, and are going to visit Dublin for a ghost tour and the Book of Kells.
  • Shiral will arrive in Rome on the 5th of September, then in Ireland on the 18th
  • The European heat wave was covered
  • Katherine's building project is going well. This past week she did lots of running around this past week, buying radiators and plumbing bits & pieces and the like, since Scott was in Oxford all week.
  • Katherine hopes to get some writing done this upcoming week.

17 August 2003 

  • 37 minutes, 15 Participants

  • Summary on it's way

24 August 2003 

  • 39 minutes, 19 Participants 

  • Katherine has been very busy, just not with serious writing this past week.
  • Katherine is still ill -- the medicine isn't helping very much
  • Katherine did get her first draft for a very short article in Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul done this week. It will be released next year.
  • Hygilac sent hello's thru Shiral
  • Kathi is feeling better
  • JastaElf still hasn't been heard from.
  • Wrengl' s first day of my retirement Kathi went to the doctor and then they went into the city to buy SILVER! (for Kathi's business)
  • Tika got lots of candle supplies at a conference this weekend :)  an her candlesite will soon be avalaible. 
  • Katherine's remodeling goes apace. "Today I painted flat-black behind where a radiator will go, with a box covering it and a cast iron fireplace mounted on the front. Scott designed it. Best radiator cover ever, masquerading as a fireplace."
  • Sales for Deryni Tales aeem to be doing well.
  • In The Service of the King will be released in November
  • Debbie-VB let us know that there will be a 10 min behind the scenes trailer for Return of the King in the Two towers DVD
  • Tika thinks Bynw is still cuter than some of the LOTR characters. 
  • People commiserated on getting older.
  • Terry mentioned Moonwolf aka Michael Longcor and how he looked, and his singing talent!
  • The Moonwolf conversation led onto why Morgan wears black.. Katherine left us with it is probably practical as well as resulting from soemthing specific.
  • Shiral will be travelling First to Italy, then Ireland during her Painter's Tour.
  • Katherine is hoping it will have cooled off by the time Shiral arrives.
  • Katherine mentioned the Midge [bugs] troubles at a recent bbq. The midges are the source for the Faerie host in The Adept
  • Shiral requested locations to buy Sidhe repellant

31 August 2003 

  • 33 minutes, 19 Participants

  • Happy Holiday weekend to the American's!

  • Pat is officially retired now!!  Congratulations Pat!

  • Sam is reading Alice Bailey for a course

  • Kiri is taking a course called "The History of Pueblo Architechture" 

  • Shiral is preparing for her Italian/Irish tour

  • Hooded One has to read Lord of the Rings for his class

  • The benefits of Toga and Tai Chi were talked over

  • Katherine's illness is better.  She's got medication now. 

  • Martine's Irish trip photo's can be seen [click here]

  • Katherine did get an article finished for Chicken Soup for Breast Cancer Survivors' Souls which a friend of hers is editing. 

  • Martine's sister is doing well.  She starts radiation therapy soon. 

  • Bart is being deployed soon to Kosovo

  • Asthma medications were talked about

  • No one has heard from JastaElf recently.




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