April 2003 Chat Summaries
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April 2003 


  Chats are held on Sunday afternoons (about 2:30pm Pacific time) on IRC chat.psionics.net,  channel #Deryni_Destinations.

WARNING:  All ideas and concepts of Katherine Kurtz and her writings are to be considered copyrighted by her, and under such laws and international provisions as such domain entails.  Any reproduction of these chats or theft of the intellectual property of the participants could result in legal action. 




6 April 2003

  • 23 Participants, 55 minutes

  • In The Kings Service tentative publication date 5 November 2003

13 April 2003

  • 21 Participants, 61 minutes 

  • Katherine spent part of her week doing her taxes.
  • Katherine has begun work on Annales Nuptiarum Kelsonus the codex supplement for KKB details can be found at deryni.net
  • RainbowDragon asked "Was the standard attire for all the King's Rangers the ciphered leather doublet and thigh-high boots that signified his office, plus a cockade of egret feathers jutting from the crown of his green leather hunt cap? Katherine replied " That was probably the ideal, but uniforms as such were just starting to catch on, I expect."
  • Other Ranger details
    • Rangers were probably "royal recruits"
    • Ranger's emblem: a royal cipher of the king's initial and a crown
    • Rangers answer to the local lord, and indirectly to the king.
  • Katherine went to dinner at the Russian Restaurant again, but also received a parking ticket. However aftrer solving the trouble, they went for hot chocolate.
  • Peer was active today.
  • As far as we know everyone we know in the military are safe. Mistyck has been mobilized, departure date unknown at present.
  • Katherine liked the movie Legally Blonde. She recommends it.
  • JastaElf was able to get some writing done this week too!
  • Temprus had a birthday yesterday, Martine's is today. Kelos's is later this week!
  • Riding and various horsey things were discussed
  • Jerusha Thuryn does have decendants (continuing from last week's chat)
  • VB asked which parts of the Adept were Katherine's and which Debbie's. After Bynw quipped " KK does the verbs and Debbie does the nouns" Katherine paused long enough to reply "She prosed it from my very detailed outline, and then I polished and rewrote. Yes, she's the art expert and musician."
  • Ghostgames asked "how many languages (and which ones) Deryni novels have been translated into?" The answer: "French, German, Spanish, Italian, about to be all in Russian. a few in Japanese and Swedish"
  • Katherine and Ann will be in London next weekend for Gen-Con UK.
  • Deryni Chronicles - The Directors Cut Update:
    • The Director's Cut will replace the original books completely, however the changes will be mostly minor. Katherine stated "I'm not going to mess major-ly with a book that's been pretty much in continuous print for aver 30 years."
  • In The Kings Service Update:
    • Katherine shipped back the copy-edited manuscript on Monday.
    • Alyce and Vera are not identical. "They're different-enough looking that no one remarks."
    • Vera's hair is darker--sort of dark honey.
    • Alyce is the fairest, then Marie, then Vera, who's actually got sort of light brown hair

20 April 2003

  • No Official Chat  - Katherine at GenCon UK in London 

27 April 2003

  • ? Participants, 58 minutes 

  • Deryni Chronicles - The Directors Cut Update:
    • K

30 March 2003

  • ? Participants, ? minutes 

  • In The King's Service update [spoiler warning!]:
    • K





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