February 2002 Summary
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February 2002 



Chats are held on Sunday afternoons (about 2:30pm Pacific time) on IRC chat.psionics.net,  channel #Deryni_Destinations.

WARNING:  All ideas and concepts of Katherine Kurtz and her writings are to be considered copyrighted by her, and under such laws and international provisions as such domain entails.  Any reproduction of these chats or theft of the intellectual property of the participants could result in legal action. 




3 February 2002

  • 16 Participants, 76 Minutes

  • Katherine's writing went slowly this week, Katherine was working on the Templar anthology. Intros are very nearly done--at least the first full draft. 
  • Scott returned safely from Arisia.
  • Jehana's rush to bury Brion, and Kelson's power assumption were talked over
  • Araxie's Arms, Crest, Cipher, and Motto were asked about.
  • Writing methods with a computer were discussed
  • Sean Lord Derry was talked about.

10 February 2002

  • Katherine announces that the Templar anthology is almost complete and will be sent into her editor by Wednesday.
  • There is no name for the currency of Gwynedd.
  • Katherine proposes a supplement to the Codex detailing the events of King Kelson's Bride be put together for Deryni Archives: the Zine

17 February 2002

  • Discussion of name for the KKB Codex supplement
  • Theories about Trapping Portals
  • Projects for the next Deryni Archives Zine are discussed

24 February 2002 

  • Katherine finds two old friends in the chat room
  • Discussion on why all Deryni ladies are thin and beautiful
  • Learn the inspiration for the scene in which Richenda throws Alaric's counters on the floor
  • Discussion of SCA practices past and present





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