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Deryni Roll Call




Posted by Kiri

23 June 2001


The Challenge

We've just done our "annual roll call" and been serious. Now it's time for some fun. 

So here's a challenge for everyone on the newsgroup.

Write yourself into the Deryni Universe. Pick your era, pick your locale [anywhere in the XI Kingdoms], etc... Make it believable. In other words - Who would YOU have been if you were there? Give us an adventure, a short scene.. or merely tell us who you were... ;) 

A short example *borrows Shiral for the nonce, pardon me dear =) * Our beloved Shiral is a librarian in RL. Knowing her penchant for Kelson's era, perhaps she was the librarian at Rhemuth? A Schola? An Abbey? Maybe a private curator for some lord or lady elsewhere in the XI Kingdoms? Knowing her - wherever or whatever she is - she's involved in some intrigue.. 

If you can't bear to translate your RL, or a favored part of you life (say that violin you play), then give us the same but make a profession you'd love to pursue and have never had a chance. But let us know a wish not a translation. =) 

We have such a wonderfully diverse group - I can't wait to see the stories.. =) 



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